This site is about my cycling tours between 1985 and now. Most of the tours were in Europe, a few in the Middle East and the last ones in Asia.
Travelling by bicycle is for me sport, culture and adventure. Some days are hard, others pleasant, but never boring. I traveled mostly alone. It has the advantage that you don’t need to take someone else into account, but you also don’t have someone to help you when you have problems.
I had seldom problems. In all those years I have been robbed 2 times, and I have been sick also 2 times. People were mostly friendly and hospitable. A few times I slept by a host family since there was no hotel in that region. In Europe I had my tent, but outside Europe I slept in hotels or guesthouses.

I used 3 bicycles. The first travel I did with a cheap Norta, but when I was sure that I would do this more than once, I bought in 1988 a Koga Worldtraveler. I used that bike 20 years, but in 2008 it was time to change it. I bought again a Koga, custom built, alu frame, Magura breaks and the Shimano XT gear.