1992: The Kadesh Trail.

The Treaty of Kadesh was written in the 13th century AD between farao Ramses II from Egypt and king Hattusilis from the Hittites. The treaty was found on clay tablets in the ancient capital of the Hittites, Hattusas in central Turkey. The same treaty was also written in hieroglyfs at the wall of the Great Temple of Karnak. This oldest peace treaty inspired me to make a bike journey through one of the most dangerous places of the world, but also with the most hospital and friendly people of the world: Turkey, Syria, Jordan, the Sinai desert and Egypt. After this 3000 km journey I took a boot from Alexandria to Venice and cycled back home via Italy, Austria, Switserland, France and Luxembourg. I cycled nearly 5000 km in 2 months, but I lost weight less than one kg!
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