1995: Vietnam

In 1995 not that many tourists visited Vietnam. In the 777 were only 3 western people, all others were U.S. Vietnamese, carrying huge bags and many bottles of wiskhey. After a few days in Saigon, I cycled in 2 days to the coast. I was lucky to find a bed by the parents of miss To, the receptionist in my hotel. A long ride along the coast brought me at the beach of Na Thrang, in the historical town of Hoi An, in the during the war famous place of Danang and finally in the old imperial capital Hue. After Hue I entered the northern part of Vietnam. The road became even more dusty and the citizens looked to be more poor. Hanoi was a nice surprise: there are many lakes and the streets were quiet because most people were still using a bicycle. The last days I visited Halong Bay, a perfect end of this beautiful journey.
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