2011: Xi'an – Beijing

2011: Xi'an - Beijing
The last part of four bike tours across China, from Jinghong near the Laotian border to the capital Beijing.It seems strange, but this last piece is the least interesting. Air pollution is becoming a bigger problem, and moreover there is not much to experience along the way. Even the walled town of Pinyao is a bit disappointing.Fortunately there is "the wall" in Niangziguan, not the most impressive part of the Great Wall, but strategically located on the border between Shanxi Province and Hebei Province.In Beijing I drive easily to the Forbidden City. I take a few selfies and then drive a few kilometers north to the extremely pleasant Heynan International Youth Hostel, just outside the 2nd ring.The following days I visit not only the Forbidden City, but also the Lama temple and the Confucius temple. But I especially like the summer palace. Less pleasant is the tea scam in which I ended up.
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